Who we are

Welcome to Belmont Bay

Belmont Bay is a local fish and chips shop that has been open since 2004, serving the highest quality food to the local people and businesses of Harrow and Stanmore.With over 20 years of experience Belmont Bay offers a range of food from our signature Fish and Chips, to Kebabs and Southern fried chicken and BBQ spare ribs.


We aim to home-produce as much as possible for the best quality, and to reduce food miles. Our delicious fresh fish, Chips and accompaniments are produced in our own kitchens – and we use only use the best ingredients possible as we know our customers expect the highest quality.



Voted Top 5 in Greater London, Middlesex and Essex

Our speciality is fish and we source all our fish from Peterhead Scotland on a daily basis to make sure our fish is as fresh as possible. The fish is caught in the Atlantic Ocean by boat: Ocean Triumph II KY156. Once the fish are caught they are inspected to ensure they meet our very high standards before being shipped to us. For our signature chips we only use the best Maris Piper potatoes. Our other speciality is kebabs and as any good kebab should be, ours are home made and marinated on site and complimented with our own sauce giving it a distinctive flavour.

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Why Pick Us

What separates us

Our aim when starting Belmont Bay as a fish and chip shop was to provide an excellent standard of food to local people and businesses as well as incorporate as many people as possible so they can experience our outstanding food and service. In order to incorporate as many people as possible we ensured that we fry our fish in traditional batter or Matzo Meal making it kosher. We also fry our chips and fish separately allowing vegetarians to experience our quality chips.

Having restrictions on your diet can be a pain when trying to buy takeaway especially if you have a gluten intolerant, which is why we offer gluten free Tuesdays and Wednesdays allowing more people to try our food. Belmont Bay also has a kids menu and lunch time specials and can take orders by telephone for greater convenience. If you would like to sit down and enjoy our food, we have tables and chairs for customers to sit down and experience our food in a friendly atmosphere